Tuesday, December 15, 2009

holiday treats

look what my parents sent me! Winter is cold. Heat is good. Deliciousness is good. These are truths about the world. For your pleasure I have done the difficult work of trying many holiday beverages to save you the trouble. Because I like you.

Celestial Seasonings Sugarplum Spice: Delicious! Festive and warming, a little sweet, a little spicy, but not overwhelming in either respect. Just a happy medium of everything your heart desires in a winter tea, including dancing ballerinas enticing you to drink it.
(The peppermint I haven't had yet - some jerk stole my mug, or some friend is borrowing it for an abnormally long period of time - but it's on my winter break to-do list and it comes highly recommended. The hot cocoa I also haven't had, but vegan cocoa mix at Target? I can haz plz.)

Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread: I tried this last night, not as good as Sugarplum Spice. A little too spicy. It does taste exactly like a gingerbread cookie if that's what you're into, but drinking a watery gingerbread cookie wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Har. I wouldn't call it bad.

Silk Nog: Nom. Rich with a good flavor. Delicious. However it does such a good job of being noggy - and thus almost unbearably rich - that I don't remember ever finishing a container as the only vegan in a household. But nog! It is essential to have nog at the holidays and it doesn't have any weird soy flavor. Yum.

Vitasoy chocolate peppermint: The best for last! Oh my god. If you haven't had this you have never truly celebrated the wintertime. It is so, so good. It has a good chocolate flavor and the mint is neither overpowering nor wimpy. Delicious. Please drink this. Six stars of five.


  1. Vitasoy USA: Thank you for supporting our product. Peppermint Chocolate Soymilk is my personal favorite as well, but since it's a seasonal product, I usually stock up so I can have it throughout the year. It's nice to hear from our customers that they like our product. Follow us on Twitter and become a Vitasoy Fan on Facebook under "My Vitasoy" to see the latest updates on our products.


  2. Thanks for the comment! I should stock up; I'll miss the Peppermint Chocolate when it's gone!