Monday, April 26, 2010

Silk almondmilk and vegan milk thoughts

So, the long-established standard of soymilk, Silk, now makes almond milk . I'm excited about trying it, but not being much of an almond milk person, I am more excited to see if Silk ever makes more non-dairy milks and what this does for overall perception of vegan milks.

 I think it's safe to say that everybody knows what soymilk is. But few people (few non-vegan people, that is) know that there is a whole world of vegan food and drink - even among those vegan foods and drinks that explicitly try to replicate or replace non-vegan foods - beyond soy. Soy is a versatile thing, but it's not the pinnacle of vegan food science (e.g. the only vegan cheese that strings, Daiya, is soy-free) and, speaking for this vegan, I wouldn't call it a staple of my diet. And especially in vegan milks are there so many options beyond soy - rice, hemp, almond, coconut, oat and more. I do love soymilk, but I never cook with it because ricemilk has a cleaner taste (though ricemilk tastes too much like cow's milk to me, so I don't drink it), and chocolate almond milk is practically dessert. One question - why has no one made a cashew milk? Cashew is the magical ingredient of so much good vegan dairy, so it surprises me that there isn't one. What is your favorite vegan milk?


  1. I typed the word 'milk' 22 times, and now it means nothing to me. :P

  2. I like rice milk quite a bit, almond milk is too sweet for my tastes, but soyamilk is the one I drink most often, because it's the only one I can get which has B12 in it (and sometimes D), the rest sometimes have calcium, but definitly not always. Plus they're really quite expensive. Which sucks, because it'd be cool to mix it up sometimes.

  3. I know, I wish more brands/types of vegan milk would throw in B12. I have heard of recipes to make your own rice/almond/etc. milk, but you need some special machine and that is too labor intensive for me. Maybe someday.