Friday, April 9, 2010

wtf PETA, vol. 48459375

Last week, PETA wanted to advertise on teeter-totters at a playground at a public elementary school in Frankfort, Kentucky. The proposed advertisements would read "Tot teetering on obesity? Go vegan!" and have the PETA logo. In addition to the ads, the school would also get thousands of free veggie burgers in their cafeteria. Not surprisingly, the school turned the offer down on the grounds that the students are too young to understand or interpret such direct advertising. Good for them. Why does everything PETA does still surprise me? I mean, PETA does have a lot of great resources and they are very well-connected. But why do they stoop to such ridiculous levels? (Or kill animals? Or promote welfarism? Or focus on winnable campaigns that don't really effect change? Different posts for different days...) This is an organization that has literally made coffins emblazoned with their logo and an animal-rights message. Classy, classy folks. But even beyond the laughability of such a campaign, it just doesn't make sense. If a kid is young enough to be using a teeter-totter, and if that kid is already anywhere near obese, there are way more problems in his/her life than can be untangled by their/their parents' seeing an advertisement like that. Thanks for continuing to make all vegans look utterly ridiculous, PETA.


  1. You need to watch this if you haven't already:

    I saw it the night before my vet school interview. Very inspiring.


  2. I have seen that before (though admittedly not all of it). I think P&T are a little misguided at times, but they are right about a lot. I wouldn't call PETA a cult, but some people definitely think it's sacrilegious to be vegan and yet not in love with PETA and everything they do. But veganism itself becomes a cult the instant there's certain subjects we're not allowed to question! Blah. Thanks Hayley :)